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Mule Deer Hunts on Arizona's Kaibab Plateau

Kaibab Guided Mule Deer Hunts

Kaibab Guided Mule Deer Hunts

The world famous Kaibab Plateau is home to some of the biggest mule deer bucks in the entire state of Arizona and the United States. The Kaibab is widely considered by many trophy mule deer hunters to be one of the best trophy mule deer hunts available anywhere. The Kaibab Plateau has a very long and very distinguished history of producing numerous trophy mule deer bucks on an annual basis and has a trophy mule deer gene pool that is difficult to match anywhere. The Kaibab has filled the Boone and Crocket record books with awesome bucks that have extras, cheaters, stickers, splits and character.  The mule deer populations and mule deer densities on the Kaibab are currently doing very well and hunters can expect to see multiple quality bucks each day and will rely on the experience of our guides while deciding what bucks to harvest. Trophy mule deer hunters that are lucky enough to draw a late season Kaibab rifle mule deer tags will get to enjoy one of the ultimate western mule deer hunting experiences.  

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Late Season Kaibab Rifle

Brian Coover with his big Late season Kaibab buck taken with Shadow Valley Outfitters

Late Rifle Kaibab Hunts

Late season Kaibab deer hunts are some of the most sought after tags in western hunting. These tags give hunters a chance at a true giant buck, but only if you know where to look. Shadow Valley Outfitters team of guides led by James Vine has many years of experience guiding these late season hunts in unit 12A east, 12A west, and 12b west. Our team has been fortunate to guide many bucks over 200 inches. We take a very limited amount of hunters on these hunts so we can focus on the quality of bucks we harvest instead of the quantity of bucks. We have the same guides on each of the Kaibab hunts prior to the late season, this gives our guides nearly 30 days in the unit prior to our hunters arrival. We love to hunt for the biggest bucks and will push our hunters to pursue bucks of the highest caliber, many hunters will pass on bucks they would have never imagined passing on in pursuit of a Kaibab monarch. 

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Our Kaibab Team

Pat Overson with his great typical taken with Shadow Valley Outfitters in 2021

Our Kaibab Guides

Our team of Kaibab guides and our entire Kaibab operation is led by James Vine. James has been guiding for 16 years and hunting the Kaibab for 32 years. He has guided his hunters to some of the largest bucks to ever be taken off the Kaibab Plateau. Our entire operation on the Kaibab is based off team work and extensive scouting efforts. Our guides are in camp a week prior to each hunt to get the most up to date information as possible and to get our hunters in position to harvest the best buck possible. We have a very small and exclusive amount of guides that we trust to get the work done the right way. Our guides are with us year after year and we do not ever sub-guide. Most recently on the late season hunt Travis Lyons and Tyler Bakus  guided a father and son team to two tremendous bucks to cap a great year full of big bucks. Travis and Tyler are two of our most trusted guides and we have full confidence they will put our hunters in the right place at the right time. 

Archery Kaibab Hunts

Brent Curtis with his archery Kaibab Mule Deer from 2020 taken with Shadow Valley Outfitters

Archery Kaibab Hunts

The Kaibab archery hunts give our hunters the first opportunity to hunt the Kaibab’s best bucks in mid to late August. The bucks are still in bachelor herds and still very consistent in the daily movements this time of year. Hunting style includes spot and stalk, still hunting, and stand hunting over water. These hunts are a great opportunity to draw and harvest a mature mule deer buck in Arizona without waiting years to draw a tag. Target bucks are typically 180+ inches and some eclipse the magical 200 inch mark. The season of August is a very special time to spend on Arizona's north rim of the Grand Canyon and you can expect to hunt the largest stand of Aspen trees in Arizona and also mixed conifer areas. Guided Kaibab deer hunts are a very special and fun hunt that can create memories that last a lifetime, Shadow Valley Outfitters would love to be part of your next Kaibab hunt. 

Muzzy Kaibab

Tim P with a fantastic Kaibab Muzzleloader buck

Muzzleloader Kaibab Hunts

Muzzleloader Kaibab hunts are few on numbers but high on potential for trophy bucks. Shadow Valley Outfitters hunters and guides have been fortunate to take several bucks in the 190+ range and have a 100% success rate on these hunts. The Mu The amount of tags issued on the muzzy hunts is considerably lower than other hunts and this creates a unique hunting experience for those lucky tag holders.