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Guided Trophy Mule Deer Hunts AZ

Guided Trophy Mule Deer Hunts AZ

Guided Mule Deer Hunts Arizona

Arizona Mule Deer hunting is unmatched in quality and also opportunity. Arizona is home to the world famous Arizona Strip and the magical Kiabab Plateau. Both are extremely special places to hunt mule deer and areas that we have an intimate knowledge with. Since 2016 we have been able to harvest 15 Bucks over the magical 200 inch mark, many eclipsing 215 inches and two bucks over 245 inches. We ask a lot of our hunters as many times we will pass 200 inch deer to pursue true giant deer. We book our Strip and Kiabab hunters with a Guide and also a Spotter to increase the odds of success and the overall experience. Over the counter tags are available for some archery mule deer hunts and we can assist you in purchasing tags if available.


Guided Mule Deer Hunts

Shadow Valley Outfitters guide Hunter Larson with a 215 inch velvet buck killed during the 2019 late rifle hunt.

Arizona Strip Guided Deer Hunts

The Arizona Strip is over a million acres that makes up units 13a and 13b. Both units offer an Archery hunt in the early fall and a rifle hunt during the rut. Across the units deer populations are low but the age class and genetics of the strip provide the bucks opportunity to reach full maturity. We spend countless days on the Strip scouting throughout the summer and fall in preparation for our hunts. Our success on the Strip is a direct result of our teams size and effort. It takes a great group of Guides and Spotters to consistently put our hunters on big mature bucks.


Guided AZ Deer Hunts

Shadow Valley Outfitters guide Ben Brochu with a great Kiabab Buck

Kiabab Guided Mule Deer Hunts

The Kiabab hunts provide resident and non-resident hunters ample opportunity to pursue Mule Deer Bucks in amazing country with chances to harvest a buck in the 180-200 range. If you prefer Archery hunting this is a great hunt for you to see lots of bucks and take your time on an easy to draw tag. Rifle hunters have several options to choose from with early season hunts and also a premium late season rifle hunt that takes place during the rut. Muzzelloader hunters also have a chance on the kiabab with a hunt in October before many of the rifle hunts. Shadow Valley Outfitters is happy to help you find the buck of your dreams on the Kiabab.